Cinnamon and Sugar (Churro) Popcorn

Popcorn is my jam. Cinnamon and sugar or churros – yeah you’re going to get my interest there too! Put them together and you have a ridiculously good snack or sweet treat. Super yum. This recipe is a little too easy for how good it is, so I understand if we can’t be friends anymore. Or better yet we could be the type if friends who shove handfuls of cinnamony- sugary popcorn into our mouths gleefully! Continue reading Cinnamon and Sugar (Churro) Popcorn

Head Lamps + Snowshoes ~ A Cypress Fondue Tour

snowshoeing cypress mountain

Snowshoeing and eating my weight in cheese have now been struck off my bucket list. Continue reading Head Lamps + Snowshoes ~ A Cypress Fondue Tour

Amaretto Caramel Sauce Recipe

amaretto caramel sauce

There is caramel sauce and then there is amaretto caramel sauce of your dreams. This sauce is eat by the spoonful good. So, so good! It gets bonus points for being even simpler than traditional caramel to make and the almond liquor makes it out of this world! I suggest running to the kitchen and promptly making some. Continue reading Amaretto Caramel Sauce Recipe

Family Photo Tips For A Winter Wonderland Session

Family photos. I LOVE family photos. It’s no real secret that I love photos in general, but there is something really special to me about documenting these quickly changing years. But a successful family photo shoot doesn’t just happen (yes one great photo or moment, can candidly happen – but a polished family session generally doesn’t). So with that in mind I thought a little insight into the process that lead to our recent family photos, with some easy tips, could be helpful. Continue reading Family Photo Tips For A Winter Wonderland Session

Snowflake Cookies

With all things winter being on people’s minds and in their outerwear choices. It took my mind to snow and snowflakes, which then naturally lead to snowflake treats (that’s how my brain works). Continue reading Snowflake Cookies

Build Your Own Snowman Marshmallow Treats

It’s that time of year again when the kids are madly wishing for snow and making plans for winter break and I am dreaming of a break from the constant germs of school (I am looking directly at you double ear aches).

These little build your own snowman cuties take no skill what so ever – just an assembling of ingredients in a bag. And they make great party favours or are terrific to handout at school to wish fellow classmates a good winter break. Or a myriad of other fun occasions … like perhaps a Frozen movie night with friends. Continue reading Build Your Own Snowman Marshmallow Treats

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