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Hi I’m Laura and I am behind this well decorated baking affair called Pretty Petunias. I have a penchant for writing in brackets (I won’t get thru a blog post without them or even this bio) and laughing at things that are only funny to me. I rarely run short on ideas, only time. I love creating and baking, plus design and decor are a bit of an obsession of mine. I am excited to have this wonderful place to share the recipes my family and I adore and the fun things my kids and I get into. After many years of baking for nearly everyone I meet, there really is very little that I can not bake (provided I can make as big a mess as necessary)! Somewhere along the way I taught myself to cook. It may have been early on in our marriage, when I tired of eating the chicken fajitas, my husband lovingly cooked for dinner, every night for a year. I am a mother to two incredible girls who genuinely believe there is never enough sprinkles and a wife to a hubby who can build nearly anything and therefore helps make all my zany ideas a reality. Together we enjoy many delicious, messy and hilarious adventures!

The Crawfords    Pretty Petunias The Crawfords - Pretty Petunias

Photo cred: Sculptures of Light Photography

So meet my family, or rather what we have all gotten used to being referred to as (time and time again), ‘that blonde family’:

Our oldest lives to dance and our youngest lives to swim. My husband seems to live to tease me and the girls and also just so happens to make the best weekend breakfasts ever. And well I live to bake and decorate and of course be called mom to these two wonderful humans (except somedays it feels more like I rather reluctantly live to clean). And there you have it. That Blonde Family in a nutshell.





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