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Family Photo Tips For A Winter Wonderland Session

Family photos. I LOVE family photos. It’s no real secret that I love photos in general, but there is something really special to me about documenting these quickly changing years. But a successful family photo shoot doesn’t just happen (yes one great photo or moment, can candidly happen – but a polished family session generally doesn’t). So with that in mind I thought a little insight into the process that lead to our recent family photos, with some easy tips, could be helpful. Continue reading Family Photo Tips For A Winter Wonderland Session


As creativity is never in short supply in our house, and I am always searching, making or creating something new. It’s of no real surprise that my children turn out ‘masterpieces’ like there is no tomorrow.  In fact someone is painting as I write this!!! (… which someone else who IS writing this will have to clean up later…).

But how often do you get the chance to work with an acclaimed local artist to create something completely unique and beautiful?! Continue reading the LITTLE PICASSO SERIES

The Conscious Family Organizer

With our youngest starting kindergarten in the fall and me being the super fun, avid list maker and organizer that I am, I jumped at the opportunity to team up with The  Conscious Family Organizer. Continue reading The Conscious Family Organizer

Vancouver Mom Top 30 Blogger Gala

This week I had the honour of attending my first blogger event, a party hosted by to celebrate the year’s top 30 Vancouver mom bloggers. The event was called “STYLE” and had a charming, old world setting in the University Women’s Club of Vancouver at Hycroft Manor. Continue reading Vancouver Mom Top 30 Blogger Gala

2017 Top 30 Vancouver Mom Bloggers

It has been a whirlwind of disbelief and happy dances these last few weeks. I could barely believe when I got the email (and the honour) that I had been selected as one of Vancouver’s 2017 Top Mom Bloggers!!!!

I can’t lie, it’s been hard work to create and begin writing my own blog. And all the research, countless googling and youtube videos that begin with ‘how do you…’ searches. But it feels amazing when you get positive feedback for all the hard work and time you have put in.

I write this blog because I have a passion for writing and sharing my love of baking, decorating and parenting with others. I feel this journey has just begun and that there is so much more I want to share and write about. Yet, I want to take this moment to thank you all for your support. For reading my musings and tutorials along the way and showing me some love! So if you feel so inclined, check out some of the other awesome bloggers nominated and maybe throw a vote our way.


Update: The voting period has now ended.

Vote for your Favourite 2017 Vancouver Mom Blogger