Easy Ice Cream Cone Sugar Cookies

Easy- Peasy Ice Cream Cone Sugar Cookies

Sometimes decorated sugar cookies can be a daunting affair. Sometimes we want something really cute and Pinterest lures us into believing we can have it! But really it leaves us in puddle of icing and tears. And yet sometimes we still want something really cute! So  that’s why I want to share a truly easy and simple cookie that my kids and I whip up from time to time – Ice cream cone sugar cookies!

In order to pull off these cookies you will need to follow a couple simple directions.

You will need:

Ice Cream Cone Shaped Cookie Cutter

Food Colouring (I used pink and green Wilton gel colours)

Rainbow Sprinkles

Mini Chocolate Chips

Piping Bag fitted with a Wilton 3 Tip (optional)

Sugar Cookie Recipe (here)

Royal Icing (here) or Cookie Icing (here)



Once the cookies have been cut out, baked and cooled.

Take the frosting and either pipe it onto the cookies or spread on with a knife to resemble ice cream (and yes swirls and bumps add to the effect).

If using the piping method, pipe out a drip or two to appear to be melting down the cone.

While the icing is still wet sprinkle rainbow sprinkles on the top of the cookies.

Or alternately for mint chocolate chip ice cream, dot with mini chocolate chips on green icing, while the icing is still wet.


And tada – you are done.

Allow cookies to harden for a few hours or even overnight if you plan to stack them.

Like I said easy-peasy ice cream cone sugar cookies with an adorable wow factor!!!

6 thoughts on “Easy Ice Cream Cone Sugar Cookies”

  1. These look delightfully cheery! And I like the part about the lure of pinterest. I’ve often thought i coyld put a book together of all my pinterest fails. ?? pinterest and i have a love hate thing at times. But these cookies really look like a winner recipe! ?

  2. Laura – these are the cutest! I tried decorating cookies with the girls and the icing never comes out right. I like that these can be a little ‘rustic’ and still be cute! Where did you find the cookie cutter?

    1. Thanks! Sometimes it does take some playing around to get the icing not too thick or too thin:)
      We got our cookie cutter from the Scoop n Save in Langley, but I have seen them at Micheals and on Amazon as well!

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