D.I.Y. Back to School Chalkboard Sign

I think it’s safe to say I am all about the photos and memories and remembering funny things and moments. So it’s no real surprise that it has become a bit of a right of passage in our house to hold and make our first day of school signs. My oldest is all about recreating exact fond memories and traditions! So her homemade chalkboard has seen plenty of love and use over the years. But now with the younger sister embarking on kindergarten – she of course needs her own sign. Heaven forbid one child has something the other doesn’t!!!

So we marched ourselves to the dollar store for a canvas and chalk board paint and got to work!

What this simple project requires:

Canvas in you choice of size ( we used a 12″ x 14″ )

Chalkboard paint (we went with traditional black)

Foam brush


Newspaper to protect your work surface (optional)


Step 1:

Lay our newspaper to protect your work surface. Paint the edges of the canvas first.

Step 2:

Paint first coat of chalkboard paint onto canvas. I found back and forth straight strokes require less coats (but if little hands are helping, you get what you get)!



Step 3:

Once the first coat is completely dry, apply any additional coats of paint until evenly black and no visible streaks. Ours took three coats of paint. Allow to dry completely (overnight is best – but in the heat wave we were experiencing it took about 20 minutes).


Step 4:

Using chalk, write your first day messages. My favourite parts have always been the ‘What I want to be when I grow up’ I include on the bottom and seeing the different answers over the years!

Step 5:

Commence back to School photo shoots!!!!!

Of course these chalk boards only use is not solely for 1st days of school. They have been used for many other uses as well. Just wipe gently with a damp, lint-free cloth and allow to dry before writing any message your heart desires in chalk!

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